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by ★ Owner

                    Lori McDaniel

Having been  a psychic -medium since early childhood, Lori uses her God given gifts to help others," Lori gives email readings, as well as in person readings at Elements of Divine Wisdom LLC, in Fort Walton Beach Florida.  Lori is also a Reiki Master Teacher as well as an Non-Denominational Ordained Minister.


When Lori conducts readings she communicate with the client's guides, angels, and loved one's who have crossed over to deliver guidance and information they wish to pass on to the client. Lori then proceeds to tell the client what she "see's"on or question of the client as well as guidance from spirit guides and angels.

Lori offers the following at Elements of Divine Wisdom:

 Tarot Readings

 Psychic Readings

 Past Life Readings

Tea Leaf Readings; tea leaf readings are available, and open to the public every first and third Friday of the month at Elements of Divine Wisdom, LLC. Tea Leaf Readings are first come first serve in a group setting.

Numerology Compatibility Report for you and your significant other; Lori will need complete birthdays of both you and your partner.  Scheduling after report is completed, Lori will then go over your charts. It helps to understand better understand yourself and your partner.

"Healing takes place on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level." Lori McDaniel.

In addition to her readings, Lori also provides the following services:

Wedding Officiant 

Baby Blessings

Space Cleansing

Soul Retrival Meditation

Full Moon Meditation

Chakra alignment using Tuning Forks

Chakra alignment as well as overall relaxation using Reiki  @ no charge.

Angel Messages: Scheduled through events at the store and open to the public in a group/gallery type setting.  Discussion on Angels, what they are, why they are here, and how to tell they are around you. Then Lori will give you a message from the angel that steps forward for you personally.

Spirit Whispers: Scheduled through events at the store and is open to the public in a gallery setting.  Lori delivers messages from your loved ones that have crossed over into the spirit world/other side.

To schedule with Lori McDaniel, please visit her online scheduler on Lori's personal business website: