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Posted on August 27, 2013 at 1:25 AM

When I first moved into 80-C Beal Parkway and arranged the crystal grid under my healing table my spirit guides showed me what stones to place where.  I was shown a sphere of Shungite at the feet and so I placed the shungite there.  I had no idea what this stone could do!

Shungite removes free radicals such as microwaves, EMF, and it can not only purify water, but it can actually turn the water into a biological healing force to be reckoned with!  You must first cleanse and charge the shungite, then I wash with soap and water, place it into a container and fill with water, wait 48 hours. Shungite infused water should be drank twice a day to get the best from the water. (Warning: Do not start this and then plan a trip to the mall! as shungite is a very good digestive cleanse!).

Shungite should be cleansed and charged more regularly than other stones as it soaks up all the bad stuff in your environment and in exchange, gives back so much more good!  Helps with liver functions, gallbladder dysfunction, digestive disorders, cardiovascular health, asthma,etc.

Shungite should be in every healing room or crystal grid! This of course is my personal opinion!



Lori McDaniel

Blue Aragonite

Posted on November 6, 2012 at 12:00 AM

Blue Aragonite

Blue Aragonite is a beautiful light blue, sometimes it will have white in it as well.

Blue Aragonite is very healing for the throat chakra in people who have trouble communicating what is truly in their hearts. This stone helps one say what is truly in their heart with unconditional love and compassion.

This stone also makes the person wearing it search within themselves for what motivates and drives their passions. Spiritually speaking, this stone helps one connect with their higher self, their spirit guides and angels, and makes one search their heart for what they need to communicate in order to heal and fully move forward.

Ideal for anyone who believes their voice does not count, anyone who has gone through the 'dark night of the soul" and is now searching for what their truth is, and those who are afraid of hurting someone else with their words.

With Sincere wishes of healing,

Lori McDaniel.