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by ★ Owner

About Elements of Divine Wisdom, LLC.


 Elements of Divine Wisdom's name is meant to remind everyone that there are many paths to Divine Wisdom, not just one.


Elements of Divine Wisdom is a retail store and Spiritual Wellness Center geared to your highest and greatest good. Elements of Divine Wisdom, LLC. is owned and operated by Lori McDaniel.


 Readings at Elements of Divine Wisdom;

Tarot Readings

Psychic Readings

Spirit Connection Readings

Past Life Reading

And on special days:

Tea Leaf Readings

Angel Messages Gallery Readings

Spirit Whispers Group/Gallery Readings


Reiki Sharing Circle

Full Moon Meditations

Singing Bowls Chakra Meditations\


A Crystal Grid Chakra Cleansing Table is available to everyone most days.

Always adding different events, so check back often!

Lori's Bio


The Elements Family

Many Faces, all one heart...

Lori McDaniel,

Owner,  Elements of Divine Wisdom, LLC

Psychic Reader, Reiki Master/Teacher, Ordained Minister.

Psychic Reader, and Owner of Elements of Divine Wisdom, LLC.

All Faith's are honored here.

Read Lori's Bio.

John W.

 (Silly Johnny)

Rock and Crystal Connoisseur.

Johnny volunteers his time to help customers, as well as his wealth of knowledge, and love of gemstones.

Look for Johnny's line of gemstone jewelry  at Elements of Divine Wisdom, labeled under "Silly Johnny".

Johnny puts his heart into each handcrafted piece of jewelry.

Customer Relations. Johnny Volunteers his time, love of rocks and crystals

Lori F.

Customer Service, Volunteer.

Seeker of knowledge.

Elements Visitors

Check our Calendar for the visiting Readers time at Elements of Divine Wisdom, LLC.


Tarot Readings

Check Elements' calendar so you don't miss out on Tanner's Tarot Readings!

Brenda Stewart-Gillson

Psychic Reader

Check Elements' Calendar so you don't miss out on Brenda's events!

Lori McDaniel, Owner


Check Elements' Calendar so you don't miss Lori's events!


Check Elements' Calendar so you don't miss these healer's events!

Mike and Penny Maier,

Earth-Sky Energetics

Mike and Penny offer energy sessions using Reiki, singing bowls, tingshas, and the Bio Mat .

Susan Kelly

John of God Crystal Light Therapy
John of God Crystal Light Therapy Table from Brazil.

Lori McDaniel

Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki Classes by Lori McDaniel, sign up only.